1. This was a good game. I’m rooting for TBL, but I was sort of glad the Stars won because it means we get at least one more game. Also, it would have been sad to see Khudobin’s blaze fo glory go out like that, four unanswered games, even if I am rooting against him in the end. He’s really been so good this post-season. Good for him.

  2. As a Stars fan, I can not see us winning this lol. It’s obvious to me Tampa is by far the better team. I mean we’ve made it this far, anything can happen but still. Dallas is (mostly) young and full of potential, Tampa is the refined, experienced group. Hell Dallas can barely get the puck out of their own zone for most of the game, making poor passing decisions and constantly giving up possession. Not knowing when to shoot and when to retain. Don’t get me started on penalties


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