1. Football has become unwatchable for me over the years since it’s become slower and all the stoppages. I don’t want hockey to go that route.

  2. To Winnipeg:
    TJ Brodie
    Sean Monahan
    To Calgary:
    Patrik Laine

    I think the Flames would definitely have to add someone to make this go through but who do you guys think might have to go?

  3. On the topic of refereeing, I thought game 5 was a much better standard for a playoff game.

    I was opposed to the 2 referee system as well, and honestly I still think having a fourth body on the ice is a detriment. I think a better solution is experimenting with having one referee on ice and having other officials off ice using cameras.

  4. Honestly such a tough pick for LA at 2. It’s a win win, since both are great players. But its a damn tough choice. Either Stutzle or Byfield (or both) could legitimately be a top player in the world a couple years from now. If the Kings go Stutzle, and Byfield turns into a dominant, 90-100 point scoring 1C… yikes. On the flip side if they go Byfield, and Stutzle turns into a Kane/Huberdeau world class level winger… also yikes. As Kings fans we just have to trust Mark Yanetti and co and hope for the best. Can’t wait for the draft!

  5. My proposal for penalty review:
    A coach can challenge ANY call. It goes to a ‘black box’ site, to a retired referee who is waiting in front of a blank screen for a challenge (not watching the game itself). The challenged play pops up on his screen. He watches it once at full speed. He selects the angle he wants from the available options, and watches it again at 1/2 speed. Calls down with a ruling of “Penalty”, “No Penalty”, or “Inconclusive” (call on the ice stands). Period, end of discussion. Team is wrong, 2 minute penalty. Winning Team is wrong in the last 2 minutes, penalty SHOT (which should be the case for any leading team taking a penalty in the last 2). Team is wrong for a third time in the same game, 5 minute major.

    That would get rid of the not-visible to the naked eye offside nonsense. That would get rid of the 5+ minute reviews (since there is ONLY 1x full speed & 1x half speed allowed). That would get rid of the stupidity that you can’t review whether a puck-over-glass is reviewable… etc, etc, etc, etc. Challenge ANYTHING – but be penalized for failure.

    Goal reviews are obviously a different entity, and those would be handled as they are now (but PLEASE put sensors in the puck and in the pipes, so when it crosses, everyone knows immediately!)


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