1. I tried watching pro golf with no fans (Suadi Open), it’s worse then you can imagine! And that’s golf, can’t imagine hockey like that.

  2. I agree that Scandella is not worth that much, but I strongly disagree that the Blues will sell Petro. Although St. Louis has a reputation of selling their captains, the previous three captains (Brewer and Backes) were only locker room warriors. Dallas Drake was a tank, but not very skilled. Petro is the engine of the back line. He has all the qualities needed to have if you wanna be a constant cup contender. Without him, the whole chemistry is jeopardized.

  3. I just realized how bad the cap situation actually is now maybe another lockout like 2005 or in 2012-2013 shortened season that began in January. So we might not only have played this full season for nothing but now we might not have next season on top of finishing this season! Right now it’s like all the world is on a pause but the time isn’t stopping…

  4. The cap is basically welfare for the small market teams. I live in Detroit and our team sucks but we still have the arena sold out. The seats may not be full but the seats are sold because if you don’t keep your seats you go to the back of the line to get seats

  5. It’s all BS. Cancel the season and let the organizations concentrate on building their team for the 2020-2021 season. Trying to play in the Summer is ridiculous, period. You can’t play this Summer and expect teams to be ready to go for a new regular season. Cancel this season and be done with it.

  6. The Faulk trade/exentison will go down as one of the worst trades ever. If they lose Pietrangelo. Its a firerable offence


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