1. People need to be advocates for themselves when it comes to medical care and medications. Working in concert with a medical or healthcare professional is key.

  2. Ok I take the painkiller topic personally, here’s my question as someone who was prescribed them after I hurt my back while deployed in Kuwait, why is it the people want to judge others for being on pain killers yet things like alcohol and tobacco which are far far more dangerous than any painkiller in terms of mortality rate get no scrutiny hardly at all? It’s perfectly legal to go out and get plastered and do some stupid words perfectly legal to smoke cigarettes and overtime kill not only yourself but anybody around you but if you are in severe pain and require painkillers not only can you not get them but you are shamed for even asking for them.

  3. As a medical marijuana patient I can totally relate to what you said. My doctor’s pushing percs and oxys. I had to do my own homework and find the proper channels to get medical marijuana. It’s not right that my doctor’s never mentioned it to me and did not know how to react when I said I don’t want pills in my house.

  4. I would leave los veg u are the best goalie .what the fuck wrong with them not allowing u to play wow fire the stuff n coaches .


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