1. Coach A book review playlist from your library would be great. Also, a playlist called ‘Yes Guy No Guy”—the best and worst trades in the history of each franchise… and of course, the hockey card vids are great

  2. The biggest problem with the Isles was the fact that Nassau County owned the Coliseum and wouldn’t do anything to help improve the building OR to sell the arena to the team. Doesn’t matter which Party was in power- they both came up with excuses after excuses to screw the Isles. This includes the Lighthouse Project, which was a good idea (and kinda sorta morphed into the Belmont Project) but the politicians decided to play stupid pet tricks right up until the Isles left for Brooklyn. Only THEN did Nassau say “hey, we’re sorry can you come back? Please?”

    • To make matters MORE FUN Barclays was supposed to take a year or so to figure out how to improve the arena to make it more multipurpose oriented and hockey friendly. The owner at the time of Barclays and the Nets was Prokhorov, and he was happy to spend billions to win titles and make Barclays awesome. Including the Isles. He didn’t care about the cost because he was a Russian Oligarch Petrodaddy. And then Putin’s Russia invaded Crimea…and Prokhorov had to return home because the US (and other gov’ts) froze most of his overseas finances….and there went all the funding to redesign Barclays for hockey. The people who took over after Prokhorov left weren’t interested in the Isles and the Isles weren’t interested in them.

    • So now the Isles have Ledecky and Malkin as owners, who have a background in real estate. In less than 3 years they got Belmont approved. Isles will move to Belmont, probably move Bridgeport to Nassau, and make Panarin wish he’d have signed with the Isles instead.

  3. lost where I left with the cat in comments, but might as well put it here: concider yourself somewhat special. it has been somewhere around 10 years without subscribing to anybody, anything. seldom even likes (for the reasons I won’t go through here). same thing with other social media really. but it’s been increasingly hard to put up with not supporting such an effort & person. the very best regards from your new subscriber.

  4. Cool you have so many books! I enjoy reading sports history though actually baseball history is my favorite. I do have some hockey books, and I used to have one that detailed the 60’s rivalry between the Habs and the Leafs. I think it was Cold Wars or Ice Wars or something like this but I have not been able to find it via an online search. Have you heard about it? It detailed every game played between the Leafs and Canadiens in the 60’s. I haven’t seen a good book on the NY Americans either which I think could be fascinating.

    • More than half of my audience is American and when I was an author at a young age, my teachrs told me to use American spelling.


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