1. Great content as always! Having watched 85% of the games this year, I will agree that nothing was going right, but place 75% of the blame on a completely inept D core. Could not connect on passes and get the offensive guys in rhythm at all. Looking to next year, you get DeKeyser back healthy who can eat minutes better than Green, Daley and Ericsson. Future of the defensive core is Hronek (easily Defensive MVP), Lindstrom, Seider and Cholowski (if he can figure it out). Hopefully these 4 will push DeKeyser, Biega and Nemeth into better positions than they were forced to play due to the aforementioned aged and frequently injured rearguard. I totally agree that both projects, Bowey and Perlini, are not being brought back unless on 2 way deals.

    While I’m cautiously optimistic about the potential of this younger D-Core next year, it would not surprise me if Yzerman takes on a pick and a vet contract from a contender who slots in on defense (unfounded example: Goligoski on Arizona if Chayka wants to make cap space to retain Taylor Hall).

    Pipe dream to me would be bringing in Pietrangelo for a 4x$7.5M to bring a vet into the room who is a workhorse, a winner and a leader. Detroit’s young and needs guidance in the locker room with a cup ring rather than the executive suites.

  2. I can’t agree more with the overhyping of Larkin… the kid is good, but not THAT good. He’s just good on this team because everything else around him is so mediocre lol. I expect the rebuild to take awhile and I’m fine with that, looking forward to going back to LCA to see this team play good hockey soon.

  3. Your preseason video said that we *could* look at a Stanley Cup run next year and I got so excited. Boy, I did not see this year coming. Thanks for the video! The future looks bright, if only brighter than this year.

  4. perlini, erne, ehn, daley, errorson, daley and im sure theres more. they are absolutely garbage and shouldn’t make the team next year

  5. As a massive Wings fan, your view on Larkin is spot on. Definitely overrated by some and I see why because of how he made an impact right from the start. But he’s a 2C at best on a good amount of teams when some want to think he’s a 1C no matter what. Also, certainly underrated by those who don’t watch the Wings much or aren’t fans of the team.

    Love the videos man. Even if it’s regarding my team, I really appreciate how unbiased you are.


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