1. Job well done. I like your conversation manner.1. Natural and warm. 2.Informative not speculative . 3. Just enough information with visual support. Well done.

  2. This trade was purely a logistical move by GMJR. Free agency was just getting past it’s infancy when I started watching professional sports and so I have learned through the years that the business side can be cruel when you invest emotionally with certain players. It is what it is though and every single player understands that. I’m sure GMJR is feeling pressure from ownership to get younger pieces that will keep the team competitive in both the market and on the ice since we are now on the other side of 2 generational talent’s primes. Even if the Cup window is nearly closed, Lemieux more than anybody recognizes that the organization owes Crosby and Malkin the respect of keeping a competitive group behind them to close out their careers. Plus with the Pens in the Crosby era, you just can’t ever truly count them out of it in any given season. Gonna miss Horny though. Never forget: Game 6 2017 SCF legend.

  3. This is so depressing as a Pens fan.
    Not just because HQ is a great locker room guy and pest against other teams but because this trade is horrible and makes no God damn sense

  4. Pen’s GM Rutherford actually thought it was a cap dump when the trade finalized. Only during an interview did he realize he lost money on the trade.
    I think the 1-for-1 trade was horrible enough for the Pens, then taking another overpaid guy and spending more money? Jeez us such Edmontonians are gonna start writing Chiarrelli apology letters for calling him the worst GM.

  5. I don`t have a dog in the race, but Hornqvist is highly underrated. A gritty, annoying, and greasy player who goes hard in the paint every night.


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