1. “He is a one way player right now.” I’ve heard similar with other Russians who didn’t work out so well in the NHL, it if he can adjust over here he could be a steal.

  2. The CBJ made a bold move. Could they have gotten him later? I like the pickup, could be a real high level talemt; but like you say, if he thinks he’s not going to play defense for Tortz, he’s not going to play. Big risk–big rewards.

  3. I’ve seen him play. He’s consistent offensively. Consistently generating chances for his team. He needs a shooter on the other wing though. But he can also shoot the puck. He just needs to play more physical.

  4. This guy is rumored to be signing a three year extension with omsk. Not good at all for the jackets. He’s already 19 and may not even play a game with the jackets. Safe pick would’ve been Zary. This will come back to haunt the jackets when he stays in the khl


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