1. I’m pretty sure Enrico Ciccone could have lead the team in all-time penalty minutes if wasn’t for the BS NHL suspending him all the time – plus the strike shortened season. As someone who grew up in Florida and knew nothing about hockey before the Lightning started, I can’t overstate how important Ciccone was in packing the Thunderdome in St Pete with 20,000+ every night. Going to those games back then, that place was rowdy and wanted to see some fights. We had Brad Richards on the team, who did the scoring in those early days, but Ciccone was the first (local) star player, and that came firmly from him just punching people in the face. As Phil Esposito said back when he signed Manon Rheaume, he said he’d put a horse on skates if it would draw a crowd — and Ciccone was that first guy to really draw people to the dome. Also Esposito trading him away, I think it was the biggest mistake he ever made, even bigger than selling the team to the Japanese mafia.

  2. Nice ! Go Bolts ! Thank you ! Good breakdown. Marty St. Louis is right on ! For his size he always gave it 110% ! I always said, if everyone on the team tried and played with the passion like he did, OMG ! they would have been phenomenal. This team now-a-days…IDK…outside of Vasy(goalie) you don’t know how many times, almost every period every game, i’m yelling at the tv, “wake up” ! “Give them some 5-hour energy !” and “stop leaving Vasy out to dry” Geeeezzz…..you don’t know, or maybe you do, how many games that poor Vasy is getting bombarded up close, and if it wasn’t for him, the Lightning would be just average.

  3. I love the video but as far as most talented team, I think that clearly goes to the 18/19 or 19/20 team. Go player by player and it’s a much better roster then the 2015 and 2004 roster. I would also argue Tyler Johnson above Vinny Prospal. Right now I would argue all three (Vinny, Marty, Stammer) are clearly the top three and all could be argued for the number one spot. Herman and kucherov would be 4 and 5. Also If you go by the numbers, in my book Vasi is already the best goalie in franchise history

  4. Lecavalier and St. Louis are Lightning royalty. Love Stammer and Kuch, but Vinny and Marty will always be at the top of this list.

  5. What team that was formed 92 or later has had more sustained success than the bolts? They’re not that old of a team for how many playoff appearances they’ve had.

    • They are actually below most of the expansion teams from the 90s. https://records.nhl.com/records/playoff-team-records/appearances/most-seasons-playoff

  6. Over the last 6 years I think the bolts have 5 playoff appearances, 1 that will not be mentioned, 3 ECF, 1 SCF I think that’s pretty good. Obviously gettin a cup would be huge and I really hope we get it this year. But I think recently they have played really well pretty consistently. Obviously the missed playoffs and that other team hurt us

  7. Interesting note about the ’04 Stanley Cup team. I looked at all available records of salary for NHL teams and discovered that the ’04 Lightning were the ONLY team to win a cup with a below average player payroll. Of course they didn’t track that sort of thing until the late 80’s, but still a pretty crazy feat.

  8. It’s just great to finally have long term goaltending for a change. That was our biggest issue for the longest time Bishop was the guy for a few years but Vasy may be the guy we look to as the best one we’ve ever had by the end of his career and probably will if we keep him that long 😉


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