1. When Gretzky went to the Blues in 96, Hawerchuk finally became a teammate of Gretzky. Too bad they only got one or two games together before Keenan and co. shipped Hawerchuk to the flyers. I believe this was a mistake. I think Dale would have risen to the occasion and helped Wayne and Brett HULL past detroit and possibly been awarded the cup Wayne was brought in for. It was a mistake to not let Dale get comfortable as a teammate wih the great one who at least stole one, maybe two hart trophies from Hawerchuk. So many things that could have been. Hawerchuk wanted a cup, and with the blues in 96 it could have happened, but they shipped him off, so we will never know.

  2. Hawerchuk was regarded as a mini-Gretzky by some hockey writers and fans. He may very well have been the best center in the NHL who played for a team other than Edmonton.

    I always enjoyed watching him play and his arrival in Winnipeg enabled the team to shed its previous two years all but instantly, and catapult the Jets to respectability.
    Unfortunately; the team’s move into the Smythe Division was a death sentence and any meeting with the Oilers spelled an instant playoff exit.

    As was the case with Marcel Dionne; Hawerchuk was the star player of a team paralyzed in mediocrity.

    He was the face of the Jets and, now taken well before his time, he will be greatly missed.

  3. It’s a shame that Dale didn’t get all of the love and respect from the NHL community while he was alive that he’s been getting since he passed away. He was, without a doubt, the most underrated and unappreciated superstar of the last 40 years.
    One correction; Dale did NOT get elected to the HOF in his first year of eligibility. Denis Savard and Joe Mullen (!), who were also in their first year of eligibility in 2000, both made it even though Hawerchuk had more points and was productive longer than Savard and he had far more points than Mullen who got in so quickly because he was a great American player. What a disgrace. We Winnipeggers made quite a stink about that slight and sent a petition to make sure he got in the next year, which he did.
    The second big slap in the face, which you didn’t mention, was his being left off of the 2017 100 greatest players of all time. I watched the announcement program and even though I half expected it, I was still in disbelief that they would leave one of the top 20 scorers of all time off the roster. There are at least a half dozen forwards on the list that are less deserving. Another disgrace.
    Finally, Dale didn’t just win the draw that set up Mario’s winning goal against the Russians in 1987, he was also named the most valuable player of the game. Not many people remember that because it’s rarely mentioned. I remember being thrilled when they announced it after the game.

  4. Great video. Dale was my favorite pick in hockey pools back in the day. But. In his name I will say I have cancer too. Since 2014. Found out 2018. I fired my oncologist and his corporate sales pitches he learned in university and take care of it myself. I am 100% healthy and go to work everyday. Even through the shutdown.


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