1. Bring in Seattle and get rid of the weak markets who can’t make it like Arizona and Florida. It’s amazing they’ve made it this far anyway and I don’t see them getting past this. Either move em or they need to fold.

  2. People dying from corona may just become a reality of life for the next couple years. It’s a completely different animal than Spanish flu because it was made in a lab

  3. I do believe the NHL could catch the NBA in viewership eventually. Why? Because they were ahead before the OLN deal went into place. ESPN started picking winners and losers though. Hasn’t been the same since.

  4. Don’t forget Kronke owns the mammoth, nuggets and avalanche, some owners stand to lose more than others, they also own altitude who has broadcast rights to all three teams, not the major networks, The Avs and nuggets will both be in big trouble if this shutdown lasts any significant amount of time

  5. The testing is very unreliable so that is not going to make it safer and no way everyone on the planet is going to be tested or agree to be tested and as far as vaccines there is going to be a high percentage of people that will not take the vaccine just as they don’t for the common flu. Plus if this was a natural occurring virus there will be mutations next fall that could make this look like a bad case of sniffles. . Personally I believe this was developed in a bio-lab but time will tell . So if what your saying must take place then all sports leagues could be compromised and professional sports will never look the same again just playing devils advocate but I hope everything works out because hockey is the only sport I really watch.

  6. For some reason I have this crazy hope that by the end of May there will be games, don’t know where or how it will happen but I got a good feeling

  7. That was very interesting and instructive. I am just coming back to follow hockey this year after a 10 year away wachting Europeen Football. That was course 101 on how hockey work.
    then how would the NCAA and major junior hockey work, no junior no draft. the world of hockey is not only NHL.

  8. Hold up. Hear me out. What if, and this is only my personal speculation (for shits and giggles I might add), the Leafs expose someone like Mitch MF’in Marner to the Seattle Whoseitwhats?

  9. The players _are_ going to be taking a hit: escrow is based on league revenue. One possibility is that if the players agree to keep the official cap where it is, they’ll treat the escrow payments as long-term debt, easing the impact.

    Both sides absolutely want stability, as the TV broadcast contracts also needs to be renegotiated. Having labour peace guaranteed for 8-10 years would go a long way to getting that done.

  10. Giving back Canadian change. Lol. I live in the Detroit area, so we would see some Canadian change mixed in with US change, furious!!,

  11. good thing jackets are owned by McConnell family which has a renowned love for hockey & also owns Worthington steel here in ohio, which i believe is/was (pre- virus) worth 3.4 billion in u.s.? so perhaps its just fine being a tax write off ;D GO JACKETS !

  12. There’s hope. A Quebec city bio-pharma created a vlp (virus like particle), the 1st step for any vaccine. They expect to run clinical trial this summer. So, maybe for the fall ?

  13. Nhlpa should have a player reserve to cover something like this. Treat the stop like a lockout. The cap didn’t change on any of those.

  14. When Bettman took over the NHL they and the NBA had similar television deals. In the years since though, the NBA has allowed it’s large market teams to be more competitive, which has driven tv ratings higher, and resulted in larger tv deals. Large markets = more eyeballs = more money, simple as that. I get it, the NHL wanted parity, and they got it….at a cost.

  15. NHL needs to do something like pick some NHL arenas that can service many teams location wise that are in more open areas and put a couple cameras in each arena seat that are controllable by a fan at home maybe with a mouse. If you were to do that it would double the amount of tickets you could sell per game and lessen the cost of each ticket since its a virtual experience. They could still make a lot of money that way in ticket sales. I think they could do it with 5 arenas and make a schedule where there would be afternoon, evening and night games. They would need 500’000 IP cameras (approx 100’000 per arena) and a bunch of servers to run it but that would be doable. I’m sure there are some large companies that could make that many in a couple months and the cameras would be paid for after a couple games only. if you think about it those nanny cams and security cameras are in millions of homes running daily. They would be just putting a lot all in one place! After that maybe have the players travel in hazmat suits and install a decontamination shower for the hazmat suits at the arena’s so players will be virus free traveling and in the dressing room. Advanced testing and contact tracing and then so where it goes!

  16. Do players take home a percentage of profit? If so, a pay cut seems reasonable but the owners can’t have it both ways.


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