1. Lol’d hard at that Manny Fernandez joke.
    But seriously, it will take a cup to stop people from downplaying his talent. To me, he’s been hands down the best backup in the league ever since joining Dallas. Halak is close, but it’s Bishop/Khudobin story that tells me that a second great goalie is an awesome investment if you haven’t already brought yourself close to a Maple Leafs situation.

  2. He was a great 1B goalie for Carolina, and just was on an awful defensive team both years, and Ward struggled those few years as well. I thought if Ward sustained his cup success for a long time, Ward and Khudobin made an excellent 1A/1B pair. Similar to the current setup with Mrazek/Reimer or last year with McElhinney. But I’m glad he has found a home, and is taking them on a cup run

  3. i like Anton-good attitude and a battler-who cares about style as long as hes a good guy and gets the job done! oh yeah i like his mask too!

  4. If i’m not mistaken in ’16-’17 he started that season 0-6 or 1-6 and just got lit up. His 7-6-1 record to finish that year was actually impressive: The Bruins couldn’t win in front of Rask to close out the last 20 games and get into the playoffs, Khudobin got hot at the end and really saved their season.


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