1. Always great to hear you talk about the good ol days of the Bruins. One video i hope you make in the future when you talk about the Bruins, is to give some insight into Normand Leveille. Did you watch him play and remember the incident that ended his career? I wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I remember watching the Gahden’s last hurrah and how Orr and Bourque helped him skate around the ice. One of the greatest underrated moments in the teams history IMO. Either way great video and even better channel!

  2. For me, it was watching Giguere carry the Ducks to the cup final in 2003. I had bounced around rooting for different teams before that, but for whatever reason I just loved how Giggy played and it won me over to being a permanent fan of the team.

  3. Richard…then I found out the Rocket had long-ago retired and was just a character in The Hockey Sweater, sort of (I was 5.) The ’89 final – and being too young and stupid to care that they lost, because yay, they were on TV and I was 5. Subsequently, Chelios, Richer, Chelios, Roy, Chelios, Carbonneau, Chelios, and Chelios. Stupid Denis Savard. Chelios. ’93 cup didn’t hurt. Losing Roy, and the Rejean Houle GM era did.

  4. I was born and raised in Abbotsford and I started watching the Canucks as they came out of the dark ages in the late 90s. The West Cost Express made me a fan.


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