1. Need to cancel games https://mobile.twitter.com/MylesMill/status/1300053562836299778 this man was unable to commit the rape. Obviously the nhl supports rapists so we need to help

  2. How dare you go after honest content creators for daring to briefly show your game in the background while eagerly promoting your sport.
    Between that and the foolish politics.
    Net Negetive. Stuck with you for 35 years through thick, thin, and Bettman. Now, Im out.

  3. The NHL went on strike to defend a sexual predator who went to his victim’s house and then got shot. But the NHL was SILENT for months as innocent people lost their homes, businesses, were attacked and even killed by Antifa/BLM terrorists even if they were people of color like me. The NHL is dead to me. I’m not supporting a bunch of detached virtue signaling millionaires who only care about rapists, not normal people. THANK NHL for siding with evil!


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