1. Underrated match because it was straight sets.

    I don’t know how many great matches get overlooked that way — Fedovic 2011 AO, Rafole 2011 Madrid-Rome, Rafole 2012 Rome, Chung-Djokovic 2018 AO.

    The level from both players was more consistent than the final, and was higher too.

    Fearhand being the major difference.

    Casual fans need to know this about Thiem & Wawrinka—their forehands are their best shots, not their backhands.

    Thiem arguably has the best forehand in the sport right now.

    (His deep return positions really matched up well with Medvedev’s big first serve. I didn’t think he’d break Medvedev so often, but I overlooked that peculiarity of his; it’s better than Medvedev’s deep return cos of superior racquet head speed)

  2. Taking nothing away from Thiem, but Medvedev will look back at this and be upset with himself and should have been up 2 sets to 1. Can’t get broken serving for the set, not once, but twice! And then when you have 5 break points to re-break you don’t convert. That’s brutal.


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