1. Rogers, Sakkari, Brady and whoever else I”m forgetting made it deep in this year’s US Open because several of the other top players opted to not compete. They won’t be making this kind of run in any GS any time soon. Luck was on their side and they’ll soon find themselves back in the shadows when all the top players return

    • That comment is so pathetic… rogers beat number 18 in the second round and number 11 in the 4th round, thats not an easy draw… Sakkari made it to the 4th round and she is worlds number 24 so its not even something that is unexpected. Brady was playing almost perfect she beat garcia who destroyed pliskova ( world number 3 at the time ) and then she destroyed kerber. Also her match with osaka is considering the best match of the year bc they both played almost perfect tennis. I mean your comment is so false in every possible way


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