1. In the back of Novak’s mind he was thinking “God Mode Stan” for every shot

    For Me….

    Serve – Isner
    Forehand – Delpo
    Backhand – Novak
    Volley – Rafa or Fed
    Mental – Rafa or Fed
    Physical – Monfils

  2. Serbian and Croatia people forgive quickly or have nice hard ❤️. Djokovic give very good compliments about Kyrgios even Kyrgios acting emotional but we must love also Kyrgios because he have very nice ❤️ just big mounts but this is also what we like from Kyrgios. Direct speak what he think (whatever consequence are). 👍

  3. Djokovic complimenting Kyrgios .It’s like when your little kid draws a picture , but you know it’s shit but you don’t want to hurt the little kid’s feelings so you tell them how good it is anyways and you hang it up on the refrigerator. …

  4. Serve: Isner
    Return: Djoković
    Forehand: Federer
    Backhand: Djoković
    Volley: Federer
    Stamina: Nadal
    Psychology/Clutch: Djoković
    Offense: Federer
    Defense: Djoković
    Entertainment: Monfils
    Lob: Djoković
    Smash: Federer
    Shot accuracy: Djoković
    Elasticity: Djoković


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