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  2. the first one is so true aha! ive been doing volleys on like everything, working on footwork, conditioning, and shadow stroking.

  3. This just makes me smile. You guys are great and I love all your videos. Sadly, I haven’t touched my racquet in weeks 😢. Maybe I’ll start carrying it around the house.

    • There’s a LOT you can do around the house, Jennifer! Thanks for your support!

  4. I’m working on my weight transfer with the five-liter bottle and do the light version of Federer’s wall challenge every day!
    And yeah, sliding on the floor is one of my fav exercises and I do it exactly the same way😂

  5. Up the stairs was impressive!
    Built a tennis wall in front of my garage. Playing 5 days a week for an hour or more. 37 feet to the edge of the street. Desperate times…

  6. One of the funniest ET videos to date. I would say ridiculous, but you know….in these times, nothing is out of bounds. This makes me want to rewatch the ‘annoying tennis players’ video from a while back. Great acting in that one. I will add one advanced twist to the ‘bounce the ball up from your racquet’ paddleball type practice on contact quality. I now do 3 hits on one side of the racquet, then one vertically on side of the frame, then switch to three hits on the backhand side, then vertical on frame, then back to forehand side, etc. If in a ready position with your lower body to react if (read: when) you mishit the ‘frame’ ball, it’s a good workout in even 5 minutes a day


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