1. Nadal’s most successful surface is clay which is the slowest on God’s green Earth. On average he stands 25 feet behind the baseline to return serve so gets extra time to return the ball. So to now find him complaing about the slowness of the balls is ironic

  2. If ball is going to bounce lower than usual due to colder conditions,then it could be a very serious trouble for Rafa.Novak can adapt,but we have to see how Rafa fares.Anyway,he is ‘omnipotent’ in clay.So no doubts.He will fight back👍🏻

  3. Denis its not our trust…its his own trust and confidence to win that concerns me. I have generally felt that despite his achievements, Rafa is not on the same level of confidence and believe about himself like Novak and Roger. I feel that’s why he puts in the enormous efforts in training and preparations, playing so many tournaments in the past just to feel confident for the main events. You can see his comfort and confidence from his body language during training and in press conferences. He doesn’t look comfortable and happy…no smiles…that’s the concern. While Toni did a great job, I feel he should have done a little more on Rafas confidence… made him believe he is Rafa…look what happened in 2015…if he had the confidence of Novak and Roger (look at the way they walk) Rafa would have performed much better in situations where he hadn’t had enough matches under his belt…

  4. They might rename Roland Garros to Nadal Invitational. You are invited to play in Paris for two weeks and if you do well you get the privilege of getting your ass whipped by Rafa…


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