1. Is it me, or was pre-2011 Djokovic shorter than post-2011 Djokovic? And was pre-2010 Rafa taller than post-2010 Rafa?

  2. To everyone that thinks Nole started being great since 2011 they’re wrong. If it weren’t for Rafa this guy would dominate clay since 08-09 when he started winning M1000 on this surface,and he was pushing Nadal to the edge back then but Rafa was to good. This match was awesome. And someone arrest these 2 GOATs that are running on this court 😂

    • @Haajir Yabre No it’s not the same as Nadal played by far his worst tennis ever & had his worst results ever in top level after he came from his 2nd career ending injury in 2014 so that’s like Djokovic in 2017 but the Djokovic of before 2011 was great as proven with his really good results from 2007 to 2010 even at such a young age just like Nadal prior to 2008 so get your facts straight please.

    • Djokovic in 2008-2009 was close to his prime on clay. Give this Djokovic 2016 Murray in RG final and he wins it in routine 4 sets every time.

  3. At 7:51 the applause should be for Nadal ..for those impossible returns..Nole was just standing there at the net, dictating play!

  4. Djokovic couldn’t beat a young slim Rafa on clay even if his life depended on it..! Hence the head to head till mutua Madrid 2009 with Nadal 14 and Novak 4..Lol I repeat NADAL 14!

    • @Marco Tita Yeah so sorry I forgot the one in Rome 2018. Nonetheless, 3 is less than half of 7, and they did not meet on hard courts that time.

  5. Huge respect for the crowd, I don’t know if it is customary in Monte Carlo masters every year, but they never shouted or talked during points, not even after risky balls. Most crowds should learn from this one

  6. If nadal wasnt on tour… Djokovic & Federer would have win atleast 5 French open each. Countless times nadal has beaten both on French open Finals & Semi-Finals. The same can be said for Nadal … Nadal has lost many wimbeldons & Australian open owing to Federer & djokovic…
    I personaly pity for Andy Murray…. He has lost the most among these three greats and when murray started to beat & win in 2016… he got injured.

    • So true about and so true about Andy Murray… He figth with the 3 best players of all time.. If he had been In another era he would have like 10 grand slams

  7. Djokovic is the only player that can challenge Nadal on clay. Since 2009 Nadal “only” leads 11-7 against Novak, with some close matches like this one, the Madrid three weeks later or of course the legendary FO 2013 semi.
    This rivalry is imo way better than the unbalanced Fedal rivalry (14-2 on clay lol)

    • Not true, check Thiem recently. Every year he somehow beats him in at least 1 masters 1000. Nadal now is not as defensive as before so either he´s aggressive with his forehand or wont do much harm to thiem and novak

    • @Deepak Gulrajani Yes but he always gets destroyed by Rafa at French Open. Djokovic pushed Nadal to his limits at RG 2013. Even in 2012 he was on an 8 game winning streak before the upire decided to stop the match. Thiem never seemed close beating Nadal at French and you know that

    • @hopy51 I admit I was a little hard. But that Rome 2006 final is the only time Roger really pushed Rafa to his limits on clay. You’re of course gonna bring up his 2 wins in Hamburg 07 and Madrid 09, but don’t forget that Hamburg was really fast for clay and in Madrid, not only is it faster clay, but Rafa was exhausted due to the legendary semi final. At FO it never really was a contest. In 2011 FO, I felt Roger had the weapons to beat Rafa, but his mental block was always in the way. And once he lost that fist set, everybody knew he was gonna lose

    • @ThexCookieMan Yea for sure but every year it gets harder. The way Thiem played rafa at AO will definitely give him more confidence moving forward.

  8. This match is extremely underrated. People forget it because of the epic they had in Madrid that year. It’s scary that their meeting in Madrid somehow makes their MC and Rome matches look worse. That was some very high level tennis in 2009.

    • i would like to see Federer and Djokovic’s results on HC and Grass if those were slow.. Rafa has 7 fast court slams (5HC, 2 grass). How much does Federer and Djokovic have on slow courts?


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