1. Jeff continues to give amazing free tips. This one is major. Sounds simple but its not and it is definitely something the pros almost all do…and if you don’t believe it just watch a few videos of top players. Jeff ….I wish I had you as a serve coach when I was a kid….I would have won a lot more matches in the juniors., but I do love that you put out such quality tips for everyday players.

  2. Hey Jeff! Could you also talk about how the tossing arm comes down when you drive into the ball? I recorded my serve for the first time and noticed that my off arm kind of collapsed straight down, missing the cart wheel-like shoulder over shoulder..

  3. Cool video. I am not doubting it. But my question is why? Why does a straight arm help you serve with more power? How does the space help? I ask this because I find knowing why helps me remember. I doubt I am alone when I feel that there are so many things to remember..

  4. Hey Jeff! I’ve literally tried implementing every tip you’ve given here and I still can’t seem to get the toss right😪 it’s still really sporadic and that throws my whole motion off because I constantly have to make little adjustments with the rest of my body to hit it with good contact. Can you please take a look at it and tell me what’s wrong with it? Please I’m beggin ya, it’s that one last thing my serve needs to really come together! I’ll even pay you!

  5. Thank you for this video
    I have a particular issue when I release the ball between my fingers at the top of the toss, there is always one finger touching the last the ball giving it sideway direction. So instead of going upright the ball goes slightly sideway making a difficult or wrong serve.

    As a guitarist the tip of my fingers are hard, may be it explains the fact. So now the ball is the palm of my hand, and the fingers don’t interfere, so in my case it doesn’t matter if the fingers are wide spread in the end of the toss as you recommend, does it?


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