1. did jankovic retire???? she was one of my favourite players to play, always something happening in one of her matches, always entertaining.

  2. Commentator pretty biased in Williams favour. 1st game of 2nd set and Williams engages in gamesmanship, like she does nearly everytime she finds herself losing, this time by holding up Jankovic’s serve after showing she is ready. When queried about it Williams gave a rude response. Commentator claimed Jankovic had “woken up the bear” but the reality was that Williams was a bad sportsman and had just upset Jankovic’s rythm, which was her intention of course.

    • @Tenor777 1. Williams stood in the ‘ready’ stance with her raquet in a prepared position. 2. Jankovic would start to serve, as expected. 3. Williams would then hold up her hand as soon as Jankovic commenced her service motion. It happened a number of times in this sequence and this was the crux of Jankovic’s complaint. Jankovic was well in control of the match up to that point.

    • @Tenor777 then she shouldn’t stand in the ready position when receiving. Simple. It’s clearly just an attempt try to unsettle her rhythm. Her gamesmanship and dramatics is the reason I never became a fan of this Williams. I prefer her sister.

    • jordanaus75 you can prefer her sister all day long. Gives no validity to your gamesmanship claims. Your one “example” is utter bullshit given that NUMEROUS players have complained about Jankovic and her fast paced game. That could also be considered gamesmanship given that it’s a deliberate tactic. So stop. You’re full of it.

    • @Jimmye Jamerson sorry to disappoint but its a social forum where one’s opinion is permitted and encouraged. Get used to it as it is obviously problematic for you. I also articulated my pov without insults, feeling the need to bully or patronize another, nor did I swear at another in an attempt to belittle. The world is made up with different viewpoints and opinions and you just have to suck it up. My comments are based on what I observed in the clip of this match. If Williams aint ready then she shouldn’t stand ready. Simple.

    • @dominic spiller she had to sell her mansion, see: https://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/hot-property/la-fi-hotprop-jelena-jankovic-rancho-santa-fe-20190226-story.html

    • @dominic spiller yeah it probably costs a lot to maintain and since she’s not playing she’s not receiving her usual income

    • That is true, now I guess she’s retired but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her make a comeback next year maybe. She’s 34 now I think or maybe a year older

  3. The 2013 clay season of Serena was simply impeccable ‼️ Undefeated on the surface for the year 2013 and won every clay tournament she entered to include Roland Garros. WTA please upload all the finals Serena played in and won during the 2013 clay season.

  4. Jankovic’s career went for a toss when she bulked up before the 2009 season to add more power to her game. She lost her mobility while not adding anywhere near enough power to bother fellow top players. I hope she used those extra bicep muscles to subdue and spank her coach/physio black and blue.

  5. i really miss watching live tennis my favorite of all sports .. but theres one thing i wont miss is this commentators voice he talks way too much.. and he sounds like a news reporter not a sports commentator … hopfully when the coronavirus is under control and tennis comes back he will be retired lol

  6. This is why janka hasn’t won a slam it’s her way of throwing her opponents off serving fast no time to get in place that’s sportsmanship

  7. I don’t see how the umpire can see where the heck the tennis balls land! Good job ladies. Serena you know you are greatest comeback tennis player of all time! Great game! 🎾🎾🎾

  8. I was actually there at that match. I have been to that tournament 2 times and have loved it both times.


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