1. It’s great that Halep is still playing doubles but where is the finesse at the net and variety? Simona’s approaching the tail-end of her career and, some small improvements notwithstanding, it’s still a shortcoming. I’m not expecting Henin-level touch but some further improvements could be the difference between Simona finishing her career with another slam or two and grinding herself into a painful decline… with all that said, if all Simona did for the rest of the year was win this tournament then I’d happily take it; she’d have the clay court trifecta. I just hope she finishes her career with a hard court major…

  2. Paolini is a great 👍🏾 player and a promising one ! She needs to work on her serve as that is her weakness ! I am quite impressed with her game ! Never cared much for Halep and her hard hitting game !

  3. You are too late with your backhand and forehand, Simona. At least when you’d like attack you should avoid falling too much behind. All the best for Roland Garros.

  4. I don’t understand why Halep would constantly return the ball to where her opponent is instead of the open court… to make (her) run and chase after the ball!?!?


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