1. Dasha❤ She’s so natural, so special & so sweet.. in all that she does☺️ Love her so much 😘🔥

  2. Bethanie and Vašek are such an amazing duo! Can you even imagine how great they would be on court together? What about this year’s US open mixed doubles trophy challenge?

    • Agree! They have a great dynamic. I would love to see them play together. At least we have them here on Youtube in the meantime.

  3. Be nice if you could refund your WTA TV subscription instead of just saying you’re having issues with your payment system. It’s been over 37 days since you advised it would be refunded in 14….

  4. Great content guys! Thanks for keeping us tennis fans fed. The two of you have a great chemistry and dynamic. Can’t wait for the nest episode. Take care and stay healthy!

  5. *Italian girls take to rooftop tennis amid lockdown*


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