1. I don’t normally take the time to sign in and comment, but this one deserved the effort just to exclaim what an absolute load of crap it looks like. Can’t believe Anna Kendrick agreed to this trash.

  2. Its so very evident that movie makers are running out of ideas. I mean, really? Fucking really? A sex doll that comes to life and starts talking about sexism? Where the hell did that idea come from? I need whatever high was used to think of it. You couldve used a normal person. A character that was likeable, funny, relatable and smart talk about these problems. Hell, you couldve used a fucking hot dog bun and it wouldve been a better movie idea. Now, I have no problem with people talking about the inequalities of the world. But that is not a person. Theres nothing about it you can relate to. You arent a doll or something like that. A sex doll was made for sex. It cant complain when its purpose is being fulfilled. Seriously, what the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK.


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