1. I have no idea what was going on all I know is that it was provocative, it gets the people going..

    But honestly all I want is a women playable character who carries a sword the size of Gladio, is that to much to ask. Lightning was cool an all, but come on

  2. Goodness, Square’s marketing department really needs to learn to hold off on the trailer until they know they’re actually going to put out a game in this lifetime.
    On the other hand, looks cool.

  3. Why. The fuck. Are they going Grim Dark hyper realistic.

    I’m happy theyre going for a High Fantasy setting instead of Scifi for the bizzilionth time, but I was hoping for the game to be more stylized.

    This doesnt look like a Final Fantasy game outside if the Malboro and Chocobos.

  4. This should have been released on the launch date. How should I wait for another year to play it? That can be said to Hogwarts Legacy, too.


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