1. There are many whom already gave a like to this video without even watching the first minute, I also am one of them

  2. This game better look like this when it fucken comes out I already see minor downgrades from the original first reveal

  3. At first I wanted to play thos game because it would be put me on hold for the long ass time we have to wait for cyberpunk but this game honestly does look super fun and interesting. The combat looks cool and dont even get me started on the graphics.

  4. I wont be buying this at launch because my standard ps4 makes everything look like tetris compared to all these pretty youtube videos. Hurry up ps5!

    • they are still releasing it, both of them. LOU2 may replace this game’s release date though, and push this game out a few weeks.

  5. I hope the story and game doesnt suck and its a long ass game with bunch of side stuff. And just for the record i love the small slowdown when he dodges that attack, there is something like that in spiderman ps4 and good of war and the slowdown gives it a good feeling

  6. sumptuous game, but reassure me, it will not be postponed to a later date? & I hope it will not be a souls like either, that it will be an all-public game …

  7. Damn, inlove japan culture and history. Been like this since I was a kid. Decade if childhood memorizing the times playing Japanese games, especially the historical games like this game back in the day. Man, what an epic way to end the ps4 life in style

  8. ive never been more excited for a game release. i preordered it on the ps4 and have been counting the days until it drops. it looks sooooo good, kinda like rdr2, and uncharted 4 but in japan which is right up my ally. 2 of the best games ive ever played, this’ll probably be right up there with em

  9. this drops three days before my birthday and i already pre-ordered it and honestly im more excited for this than my actual birthday

    • It has potential, but cyberpunk does look pretty good aswell, alot of games are coming this year so only time can tell

  10. you can already forget about all those beautiful graphics, it won’t be near as what you see there. The PS4 is just incapable of displaying such visuals.

  11. Visuals look brilliant. Not played a game with this type of combat system before, just wondering if I’d like it or not. It seems like it’s based on timing the attack perfectly, rather than standard hack and slash fights?

    • i hope the combat is more satisfying because it kinda looks off in a way or maybe they’ll have a lock on to make it feel nicer ,its most likely just me saying this who knows it could be more than i imagined when I’m actually playing it

  12. Can we get an F for everyone who died of corona while waiting this legendary game?
    Rest in peace forever, whoever you are


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