1. All I know is that I love all they movies and yes they need more of colored people in they movies not only colored other nationalities in they movies. They are Fantastic in stories telling, so I know they can come up with some Exciting stories & plates to keep us coming back. With that being said do y’all thing but think about the little kids that want to see a Super Hero looking like them🤔🤔 think about it.

  2. I don’t like how they killed Quicksilver off so early he had so much room to grow and I would kill to see his dynamic with Wanda again and I also would’ve liked to see his rivalry with Hawkeye develop more and more interactions between him and Vision

    • I agree but marvel didn’t really have a choice because fox decided that they weren’t going to let marvel use Wanda and Quicksilver. Shame though it would have been really interesting for him to get proper character development.


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