1. If you believe in GOD 😇then you don’t need to believe in the DEVIL…😈
    But if you believe in the DEVIL…😈 then one day… you will need to believe in GOD.😇

  2. This is an old Turkish movie that came out in 2014. It has 5 sequels, one per year up until 2019. This is not new, so why are you lying and pretending it’s a 2020 movie? False advertising.

  3. Real people posesed by demons https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k319TldczaU&list=PLMidCbqWAxg9WJdX9MlnVIvUWtWE1Hvk1&index=3&t=0s

  4. I have a brilliant idea for a new horror movie! Let’s mix up all old fashioned steriotypical elements together! Sounds good?

  5. this is known as one of the scariest movies ever made, i remember years back there was a challenge thing where if u watched the movie in a dark room sitting on one chair and the movie on full screen, and u didn’t cry or get scared or anything u would win like £500 or sumn, and nobody won it lmao there was 50 year old men doing it they came out crying in the first 30mins 🤣 but i remember watching the turkish trailers when i was 9 lmfao i cried cause of the trailer.

    andddd it’s based on a true story, at the end only the movie it explains the story properly with real picture from the time

  6. Horrors don’t seem to have that scare factor they once had. What happened to them? Seems like literally all movies are just coming and going with very very few classics that impact. Even Disney is not what it used to be. Thank God I grew up in the 90s and not a child of this generation.


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