• so you are too dumb that you judge something without even watching it lol ok morons logan appeared only for few seconds and you can’t see anything besides him HIS IMPACT AND POWER you love to see it😌

    • Mongol ChiuudI mean…you seem to be the one with the problem 💀💀. You’re the one stuck on something that happened years ago…move on. Not to mention, your comment doesn’t make sense. This movie was filmed in the summer of 2017, that was before the incident 😂.

    • Mongol Chiuud oh no worries lol. You seem a little slow so, I thought I would give you a little history lesson 😘.

  1. Pretty please tell me this isn’t some lame remake of the classic with Nic Cage! Dear god this looks like absolute bubblegum garbage.

  2. So Logan Paul is playing The 80s douche bag villain whose dad probably owns a ski resort. Well as long as he’s playing the part he’s made for.

  3. I love that the only time Logan Paul shows up it’s to take a punch in the face. This looks so amazing that I’m willing to ignore him.

  4. I actually want to see this, but almost didn’t click because Logan Paul was listed in the cast…how is he relevant?!

    • fmj m ew stop , I’m happy for chloe. Logan can go talk about more nonsense on his tuity fruity lil podcast which tunes out content like I tune out a sh*t when I eat beans. ( not attacking you just dislike Logan )

    • Bryce Apsey I think you just hate him. Why, do you know him? Or just watched his content and disliked his made up personality for Vlogs? He made a huge mistake, but he tries to become better person . If everyone tried to do the same, world would be a better place. He helped me a lot, when I was struggling with depression and made me realize to see the world in different colors, being colorblind himself. Shortly: He taught me to_ take it easy

  5. Wow Logan Paul is in for an oscar nomination for sure. for that 1.5 second when he showed half of his face turning around. He’ll be famous now

  6. I’m mainly watching this cause Jessica Rothe is in it. She’s Awesome!

    still hope Blumhouse would give me a 3rd Happy Death Day film.

  7. Looks like mindless fun. Sometimes that’s a good thing. A nice distraction for the world we’re currently inhabiting. I’ll watch.

  8. People here hating on Logan Paul and saying he’s irrelevant, and when they saw his name in the title they clicked🤦‍♂️.

  9. LOGAN PAUL is considered irrelevant by the Internet bitches yet his name is highlighted in the trailer!!!Guess who is relevant one then??

  10. Don’t know why LOGAN PAUL name is in trailer when we know he will not be promoting this movie in his insta or twitter. …


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