1. To the person who came up with the idea for this, to quote Randy (Nicolas Cage’s character): Fuck you, like totally.

  2. This looks like they turned the original “Valley Girl” into “From Justin to Kelly.” Why is there hardly any Valley speak. Oh my God! Like gag me with a spoon. Like this gnarly trailer looks like totally grody to the max. Fur suure… Like they must think we are like total airheads. As if… Barf me out. Whatever!

  3. Okay so the 1980s were 30 years ago but the girl playing the younger Alicia silverstone is only 10 years younger than her .

  4. Paul Logan is a talentless vomit monster. And he’s ugly. The only good part is when he gets punched in the face.

  5. Literally Why? Just watch the original. Ur gonna set it in the 80s. Just watch the original one FROM THE 80s. it has much better music to! I’ll take Nicholas Cage over Logan Paul any day. Fuck this dumpster fire!

  6. Sincere question…I don’t care if they remake anything or who is in it…but do people honestly like that sine-wave/autotune/vibrato-less/pushed-fwd/Evanascense-style of singing? No hate here, I’m just curious, because it’s so pervasive…any non-rude thoughts welcome! 👍🍻

  7. Jessica Rothe is closer to my age (36) than to an actual teenager (19). Love her, she definitely has the look but unusual casting.


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