1. The marginal investor didn’t understand this. 56%+ reduction in battery cost, 50%+ battery range, 7x mfg unit output, announcing Model S Plaid, path to $25k mass market vehicle (while ICE models are going up), reduction in Autopilot cost yesterday. This might have been the most important thing on the planet this year for impact! Some analysts targeted this for $500, while others targeted it for $300. Losing the doubters cost the share price.

  2. Everyone started to build their positions too early, and there were no additional investors still willing to join
    But it is true that these are great news for the future of Tesla, let’s see if the market provides a better entry point

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  3. you’re my favorite day trader on you tube. Investing in Tesla is a horrible investment no matter how you look at it, You let the hype get to you, never fall in love with a stock


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