1. https://bit.ly/2yeXPnc
    Semi Annual Private Stock Group sale is now live! Ends April 19, 2020. Once you are in say hello to all the members in the discord chat!

  2. In case anyone else wanted to write this down..

    1. NVIDIA – start under $200, heavy under $175
    2. Apple – start under $200, heavy under $175
    3. Wynn Resorts – start under $55, heavy under $40
    -4. Qualcomm – start under $65, heavy under $55
    5. National Beverage – start under $45, heavy under $40
    6. Tesla – if it goes down substantially (personally I’ll buy if it goes under $500, but my position sucks compared to Jeremy’s)
    7. Texas Roadhouse – start under $33, heavy under $27
    8. Activision Blizzard – start under $57, heavy under $50
    9. Netflix – start under $300, heavy under $250
    10. Facebook – under $200

  3. It should go down in the next 2 months. Then it should tank like 2008/2009 and then the bottom should finally be reached.

  4. I don’t think the prices you mention have any meaning anymore. At one moment bread may have cost 2 dollars, and soon maybe 100 dolars. Not because it’s being overvalued or overpriced, but because money is pumped in the economy.

  5. Jeremy became the bears from 2009 that he ignored when he first got into the market… I have lost faith in you’re opinion. 🙁 Sad day

  6. Fizz seems like a awful stock. Coca cola is making “Aha” they have more money and the best marketing. Pretty sure they’ll win. I also think Fizz is as much of a gamble as New age Beverage.

  7. With casinos closed and people stuck at home wy no go with stocks of online casino or software? Igt, the stars, 888 holdings, netent, playtec, penn, etc. Gamblers will gamble, Wright? 😅

  8. 1,000,000 is a million. 1,000,000,000 is a billion. You consistently get this wrong in your videos. Count your zero’s clown.

  9. No crash I called it off. We are going higher in V shape recovery. Forget the crash is over. Buy on the pull backs.

  10. Do you think NYMT and NRZ will be good investments? They’re at an all time low..almost one-third of their 52w high

  11. As a gamer and investor blizzard wont go over 75 bucks the next 5 years, they have consistant negativity by there user base+dishonest company owned by activision.


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