• We don’t trade in the pre market. Volumes are light which makes the action unpredictable and ultimately much more risky

  1. I was thinking about becoming a student, how do you pick stocks? One thing i don’t understand is how you can find stocks and predict it will go up, I looked at ENT, EDNT, THMO, BBBY and none of them really went up a lot. Can you help point me in the right direction?

    • All of our strategies and approaches are covered in the courses which make it easy for you to understand these simple processes

  2. EDNT had MASSIVE insider ownership it was super obvious that it would dump at the open, very usual for the stock based on the daily and past filings. Sam thing with THMO has a 120K Insider who was ready to sell that day. Most of you guys donโ€™t look at the proper filings and fundamentals otherwise you could avoid these stupid losses….

  3. Man you are killing it! Congratulations. I really want to see what you are doing over there. Yesterday was a tough day for me.

  4. Nice one once again Ross! I’m having issues with taking risk.. I always jump out wayy to early and miss out on profits. I’ve had a nice green streak but with quite small winners whilst still increasing my share size… Stay safe (:

    • Taking profits is a good habit! You may want to try placing a breakeven stop on your position and letting a small portion run for more profits. That way the rest of the trade is on the house!

  5. i have a question. im a software developer abd i love my job and want to keep it. but i also want to try day trading in my free time. can i be a day trader even with my current job?

    • We have a lot of students that are doing just that. You will just need to make some time for your learning as well as at least an hour each morning to trade the markets

  6. Hi Ross,
    I really like your videos. I have couple of questions:
    1. How many stocks do you usually trade simultaneously?
    2. How long is your time frame on trading a given stock?

    • We totally get wanting to make a wise investment!

      A few things to note. When you are a Pro member, you have access to some incredibly valuable information, people and tools. We’re one of the only courses out there who has a thoughtfully designed curriculum- not just a bunch of videos that still leave you feeling like something is missing. They are in an actual learning management system that helps keep you on track and build your knowledge.

      You also access our chat room and mentors each day- providing learning, experience and support every single day. As you can imagine, there are only so many people out there with that knowledge and talent. Many offerings out there aren’t a full business with employees. Providing this support and expertise is a huge value, and it has costs.

      Additionally, you access our simulator which features real-time data, something many do not. At the end of the day, we could have designed something less expensive, but since Ross has taken the journey himself before he wanted to design the program he felt was what traders truly needed. In life there are always trade-offs with expense and quality- and we erred on the side of quality because we felt it was too important not to.

  7. Dear Warrior Trading, I have just subscribed to your Youtube Channel and really appreciate and enjoy your content. I was just wondering if you could help give me some advice, in regard to my question. Well over the past few weeks, I have been both day trading/swing trading, and have been able to make between ($100-200) daily in profit, with an account balance of $10,000 used for every trade. Thus meaning that by investing $10,000 into a stock, and selling it at a 1% increase for a daily profit of $100. I was just wondering what you think of this strategy, is it viable, should I change something, etc. Thanks so much, Jordan (Melbourne, Australia)

    • Hi Jordan! You HAVE to register to my next class here: warriortrading.com/free-day-trading-class/ This will walk you through exactly how I’ve used a small account to make $100/200/day.

  8. Do all oversea broker firms require financial guarantee? I am a student and when I started signing up for CMEG, it said I need to have a financial guarantee, with me being a student


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