• Can you pls explain to me why dividend stocks make any sense when they are just forced selling partial shares?… the stock price goes down by the price of the dividend right before it gets distributed so it’s not free money… am I missing something here in the community or maybe people aren’t realizing it? I have a $1M portfolio but can’t seem to get why people keep wanting dividend stocks. Other than that they are high value companies that may usually have cash or good balance sheets. Watch the irrelevance of dividends by Ben Felix.

    • Got Glop @ 1.99 and they pay .56 every quarter. It will pay for itself in one year. (They are cutting the dividend for the crisis, but they have been consistent.)

    • DUKE Energy, EQUINIX due to their healthy payout ratio and dividend. But thanks for highlighting LEGG & Platt, IBM and 3M

    • micheal rodgers just during the crisis. Now its on sale and long term investment is no brainer to me 🙂 but this is only my opinion.

    • Piotr Staron I was just pointing it out about the dividend, but I totally agree. I’ve also token advantage of NYMT at these prices. GLTY.

    • @Anonymous Investor, you vant buy everything. You must a have a strategy, and dividend stock are usually great and stabil company.

  1. Webull free stock is BULL SHIT at best. It was a 2.12 stock with a 5k opening deposit and my wife’s with a 15k opening deposit, she really did well with this bait and switch, she received one stock at 2.74. Webull can chew an Elk’s ass crack.

  2. Thanks for another great and relevant video, Ryan! Can you please make a video on how to use Level-2 market data on Robinhood?

  3. I appreciate your videos Ryan. In the topic of dividends, I’ve always wondered why these companies are paying dividends when their balance sheets look like like crap? IBM for example has a debt to equity ratio of 2.58. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay off their debt that is accumulating interest before paying out dividends to shareholders and creating an expectation of dividends? It’s the equivalent of making sure you buy Louis Vuitton purses for an expensive wife that demands payment every 3 months instead of paying off your credit cards and mortgages. Even though we call these “dividend aristocrats” sometimes I wonder if it would be better for them to stop paying dividends and just focus the health of their balance sheet which ultimately would be better for their investors.

    I see that you have a copy of “Intelligent Investor” on your shelf and am interested in what you have to say about this considering Jason Sweig’s commentary in chapter 11 talks about OPM addicts “borrowing debt to raise boatloads of other people’s money to make a sick company appear to be growing even if its underlying businesses are not generating enough cash.”

  4. Not a fan of MMM, there’s no more room for growth they’re huge already. IBM sucks in my opinion. Walgreens is good, I have a lot of their stock. Exxon is another that I’m not thrilled about. I own Chevron instead and I’m up 30 dollars per share. I own a lot and I’m Killin it with Chevron, much better than Exxon Mobil. At&t hasn’t impressed me at all. I have 150 shares and nothing exciting has come from it. I will be selling that soon.

  5. If you don’t expect Exxon mobile to be a good pick long term, then wouldn’t that make them a bad pick for passive income long term?

  6. Walgreens has gone down 50% in market price from 5 years ago and you think it’s a great stock to own because it’s yielding 4% dividend? Your contents are a joke.

  7. Learn how to invest in Bonds. Way better safety on principal and almost guaranteed income. Dividends are the first to get cut when companies either hit a capital road block or events like right now.

  8. Why XOM when Shell dividend outperforms and company has allready confirmed their dividend is priority.. this video is super filler

  9. Hey i have a question
    I got mail that my dividend is paid
    So my question is where is it going to appear?
    In my platform or in my bank checking account
    Because I couldn’t track it

  10. this is a bunch of crap. the payouts are wrong because of corona. this is not an accurate presentation of these stocks

  11. Question I have and one of your videos may have covered this but if not T then who would/do you have for the telecom sector?


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