1. I love your part on the ferrari and profit/loss and dividends. I really wish I could get to the point of living off day-trading. My bills are $4,000-6,000

  2. Ross, you are one of the best small cap traders out their and you are real and when you S the bed you own it, even the best traders still break their rules. The good thing is you dont do it to often.. Base hits 1st that how you win and get ahead,,, home runs swing for the fences works sometimes but not as often. Your losing days are the most memorable they keep you grounded, no one is imune to it .. Thank you for all you do, simply amazing !!

  3. Hey Ross, I’m in Warrior Starter, about half way through the course at the moment….love your videos and the course is terrific. I encourage you to trade tomorrow, just be ruthless on sticking to your rules and just know you will eventually trade yourself out of it 👍

  4. Ross, I’ve been follow you for about a month now. I use a very different strategy from you, and I only started trading about 6 months now, while I’m still learning, I watch and like most of your videos (even though there are many of them lol) your videos are very motivating and positively informative. overall I made about $30K so far. I am really proud of my result, and many things I’ve learned was from your free ebook that I downloaded after joining your free online workshop. With my broken english, I be able to understand the most important point out of your book “Walk Away”. All that profit that I’ve made is from the ability to say “Walk Away, you’re done for today”. But one week ago I have a big red day, I lost $3K out of $3500 that I’ve made that week, and about $7K in penny stocks and other stocks that I was holding after the trade goes against me “Yes, I’m still that emotional! Holding losing stock” I sold all at a big loss, cut all my losses and move on. It was the first time I ever felt I could lose it all if I didn’t follow my rules. I took a big break from trading and used all my cash to buy a deep in TSLA and AAPL for swing trade while I’m processing my mistake. Hopefully the market turns around soon and I will gain back my losses. I have children and family to take care of, there is no room for such mistakes. But of course my main goal is to be successful in the stock Market, both trading and investing, because of that I need to get along with my mistakes lol. I am still in a disciplined mood, I wake up and follow the market everyday and practice from 9:30am to 4pm, I need to reach the level of feeling ok to not trade, I find day trading emotionally high when it high, and emotionally low when it low, a very unhealthy approach of life. I am working to balance that emotion, so that it does not go high and low based on trading results but from understanding this is a part of a good life. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. The only people who never experience these feelings are the dead one.
    It has been a week now since I placed my last trade. When my swing trade turns around I’m gonna go back in Day Trading with simple rules. The last time I followed my rules I had more green days than red days and when I lost I walked away, no revenge needed at that moment. Every time I got a red day and tried to get back in I got beat up even more! I have learned my lessons, the stock market will always be there the next day, months and years, if I am not emotionally strong enough to trade, the market will beat me and I will lose my chance to make it with this market. At least I’m still on the upside of my mistake, hopefully only going up from here.
    Your video is always appreciated, thank you for always keeping it real. Watch you share your red day experienced made me feel less stupid lol. Even the best still had his red day, I should be ok.

  5. Thank you for sharing!!
    I lost a lot of money last week and watching these recap videos sincerely help me with coping. Because I get extremely frustrated and depressed about it. So thank you.


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