1. Whyyyy do you keep buying Apple and now Tesla when it’s clear to anyone the market is going down more. Doubling down saying that they’re long term investments is what Tesla dumb money says after they buy at highs and lose money…”oh I plan on holding long term so I don’t care”… 🤦🏻‍♂️ do you even stonks bro?? 😄

  2. Lol word for the wise don’t listen to kids like this trying to justify their loses. Supposed trader turned investor when loses are incurred 😂

  3. one of your most arrogant videos to date. Stick to the technical analysis. The preaching is not and saying things like “everyone is saying”….no “everyone isn’t saying”. Tech analysis. more teach less preach. pretty flippant.

  4. Hey ricky thanks for the video. But how do you choose stocks to day trade? What are the conditions you look at when it comes to choosing stocks for day trading?


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