1. Ricky, been following you for years and you’ve always taught your subscribers to 1.) wait for confirmation above the short term EMA, and to 2.) only average up, not down. In one of your videos, you even questioned why someone would average down when you don’t know where bottom is. What made you decide to go against your own preaching?

  2. For long term buy under $105.00 it it will get there. So you buy at 110 long term and it goes up you not going to sell it. So basically its just going along for the ride up and the ride down. The ride down is the money shot. So don’t buy it when its at $110 knowing its going to down to lower than 105, self defeating. Buy it down below 105.00 get shares for your money to move through the rise in price means more profit. Profit is determined by numbers of shares not their price its how many money units it travels trough. However, its your call and choice. This market hasn’t got to its low whether its tomorrow or this week or a month from now there will be more selling and a deeper dip to get the market looking more like the underlying economic fundamentals then its back solid ground. Good hunting….Thanks!


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