1. Is your course about trading futures like this? If so do you have videos in your course where you record yourself trading live and explaining every trade.?. that would be nice.. I like your style of trading..

  2. Yo yo. I scrapped that monetary target for the day. I’m using a bankroll system in which means every trade I take has exactly the same risk. Hope you get to kaylajians level soon and been ridin’ the money waves. Good luck mr wieland!

  3. Hi mate, haven’t had a much time as id like recently to follow markets, do you think the 500 could pullback to 2800 or do we think it could push past 2900? Just interested on your opinion 👍

  4. Quick question this might sound dumb but why do you trade 7 contacts of MES? Amp charges $10.5 round turn commission roughly and 4 ticks are $35. Why not just trade ES? 1 contract costs like $4.50 round turn commissions and you get $50.

  5. Patrick I have a question please, are you using the new platform offered by optimus futures, optimus flow? because if I signup with ironbeam the way I can trade is through firetip which is not the same platform you’re on.
    Please explain how you have access to that platform and how I can access as it please and thank you brother 🙂

  6. Hi I have what I hope might be some interesting and maybe thought provoking questions:
    1. If the majority of traders are looking for very similar setups (gap and go, bull flag, trend reversal…) could or would there ever be a situation in which everybody involved in The markets colluded to hit the same set ups at the same time leading to infinite crazy profits for all.
    2. If all good traders are looking for similar A class set ups, who are the ones selling / buying in The opposite directions and blocking the breakouts in what seem to be perfect set ups, Inexperienced traders? Market makers playing us all for fools? Institutions thinking one step ahead of us by knowing what we’re all looking for and making the real money?
    (I’m Open to the fact I might be missing some glaringly obvious facts here)
    What do you think?

    • Gotta think for every bull theres a bear. For everyone thinking we’re gonna go higher there someone else betting we’re gonna crash. This is why False Breakouts and False Breakdowns occur so often. The Market moves through a certain level just to trick people and then crashes or rallies.

    • Patrick Wieland Ok cool, but wouldn’t that mean, if for every trade we are placing in what are supposedly Aclass set ups, and someone is going in the opposite direction, and somebody has to be wrong, then the set ups most of us retail traders are looking for aren’t that great. Or the institutions are playing us (most of the time). Thanks

  7. Patrick, I am first time learning to trade micro E-mini S & P 500. May I know how many handle you risk on per trade(for micro E-mini S &P 500)?


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