• i plan to add to this in the future! Bryan is awesome and we will drop the interview tomorrow! he brough us TBX and K92

    • @Departures Capital thats amazing man your content just keeps getting better. I have shared your link with a few people. All the best

    • @ij thank you really appreciate that. i will try to bring better and better content for you with CEO interview accompanying the new companies thanks for always supporting me

  1. Thanks for your video i got a broker that sell this stock and mindmed to.. i will look into this. Tumbs up👍

  2. Always enjoy watching all your videos. I just want to ask if for next time you don’t have music playing in the background. It would make it easier to hear. Have a great day!

  3. When I see the animal I know it is in Australia, always love Australia as one of my favorite countries. Will buy some Shares like Turmalina. Thanks for recommendation. Thumb Up like!😎

  4. GOOD ONE Aaron !! Can’t wait to dive into the research on this company it just makes the heart prrrrr!! Tap Er Lite man !!

  5. I was thinking of diversifying my portfolio so I bought shares of FSX yesterday thanks to your video (I know you tell ppl not to buy stocks solely based on your video :P). But after doing some DD, I think I have made a right decision. I was surprised by their low AISC ($315 / oz), is there any reason behind this? Gold newbie investor here… XD Anyway, thanks for the great video again! Very informative.

    • thanks for watching! Bryan is an industry veteran! The AISC you are referring to is at Kirkland Lakes fosterville gold project, fosterville south has three projects very close to that. they dont have a projected AISC just yet so don’t be mislead. That area is one of the highest grade areas for gold in the world so FSX has a very promising future, especially with positive drill results! Thanks for watching 🙂


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