1. I don’t see dropping interest rates as ‘using up their dry powder’ as the effect is additive the longer it stays at zero. So the sooner they do it, the better the long term outcome.

  2. I’m afraid that I can’t agree with your first point. The Baltic had crashed, it’s only backlog that created the peak, and, as you chart shows is on it’s way back down again. Good point though.

  3. I also can’t agree with your overall outcome. No where do you look at the fundamental aspects of what is a bubble, a bubble that’s heavily lead but (hyped) tech stocks. The FEDs money isn’t in the economy, it’s in the markets. Very different.

  4. Well.. As we’ve seen in the past couple of days, maybe last week wasn’t the best moment to buy. However, as you said, if we happened to buy last week, now it’s time to buy more and try to compensate.

    Fan of your videos and very good explanations too!! Keep it up!


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