1. I am a shareholder of neither, but as a consumer at the age of 34 I have only ever bought Ford aside from 1 Honda and 1 Jeep. I would never buy anything else. I am honestly mind blown that people like and want a Tesla. First of all their cyber truck is absolutely hideous and personally I would never trust any company trying to go self driving cars. We still have all sorts of problems with technology breaking down and people think self driving cars will be a good idea? no thanks. I want to be FULLY in control and not where some glitch can get me killed in a death machine. Give me American. Anyone buying anything other than that after this pandemic should be ashamed of themselves if you live inside the US.

  2. Under 4 dollars yes and I have a auto buy enabled for 3.95. If it reaches it autobuys like 200 shares that’s the max I invest in ford. I don’t see it going at 15 ever tbh but I could be wrong let’s see. My way of looking at things is 3.95 is a really good price and at worse it will reach at least 8 dollars again which is double money and I get some dividend when everything goes back to normal and if they ever cut dividends again I am out.

  3. Dead money. I was in ford many years ago $8 per share. Held about a year, sold at $8. Now it’s $5. Yep, dead money

  4. Ford stock at $5 is a very good buy. At this price the risk is very low. At this price, it has a good potential to move up to $7-9. Ford has a good balance sheet and cash to shelter the recession. In addition, it just got a demand for $40 billion loan from banks at 9% for a 10 year term when Ford was only asking $3 billion loan. This to show that the banks are very confident that Ford will rebound back when the COVID19 subsides. Although its market share has gone lower through the years because there are competitions and better quality cars from other foreign manufacturers, Ford has recognized this change and is making an effort to reposition itself. And lets not forget that Ford is still making a profit every year. It is undergoing thru a restructuring to adapt to a future market, and that is the EV market. Ford will be in a better position 5 years from now. It is a good buy if you are investing in a 5 or 10 year portfolio for wealth building.

  5. I bought 500 shares when Ford was under 500. Long term post corona recession I think the shares will bounce back to the $10 range – so long as Ford doesn’t botch the launch of the Broncos and the Courier sub compact truck

  6. do you think F will announce dividends again once this is over? I dont see F going anywhere they have been around for a long time

  7. Cost of ownership per year of EV vs ICE vehicles, as a ratio, is about 5 to 11 (https://www.energysage.com/electric-vehicles/costs-and-benefits-evs/evs-vs-fossil-fuel-vehicles/) … Ford and all of the other giants will eventually fail. For the sake of humanity, our air, and climate, upvote this so we can wake people up to the new reality we desperately need and end our dependence on dirty oil. Oh yeah, buy Tesla stock. Peace.

  8. There is no price at which I would buy Ford. I own a new F-150 and have owned many Ford’s. However, I loathe this management team and would not buy stock as as long as they are in place.

  9. Very disappointed to hear Ford suspended their saving grace in the dividend. I agree with you that it paints a very grim future for the stock. If that wasn’t enough troubling news for Ford, the decision to exit the car segment does cause one to have serious questions regarding their vision and present leadership. I believe what we have concluded here is that Ford is not currently a “BUY” for investors. At best it is a “HOLD” and that may depend on your intestinal fortitude for loss. My gut feeling tells me the worst is yet to come for all automakers this year. One does get a sense that a lot of things are going to change in the next few years and there is a good chance none of it will be for the better.

  10. They should put out a Model T EV with 100 mile range to get around town without all the bells and whistles. If you get people hooked on a less expensive EV that’s reliable and fulfills basic transportation needs, they could grab a new market.

  11. At what’s happening we may see less parts coming from China and a lot less products of everything and I think more Americans might buy more American products soon

  12. I stopped contributing to my DRIP in F when they cut the dividend last month, but I’m going to hold onto my shares for now. I don’t know if F will weather the impending depression. I wish I owned a functioning crystal ball. Lol. Thanks Ryan.

  13. I will answer it quick Hell No ! Exxon stock is what you should by for long term and dividends of .87 cents per share . Today Monday Exxon stock 42.10 per share at 12:22 pm and is trading lower

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