1. Aaron sorry to hear about your screw up with the first video! But all’s well you got er done just fine . Tap Er Lite and chill out for the nite!

  2. Bro I like the intro and all the new commentary.. Make them haters your motivators, Remember they’re following you and your channels content 👀 💻📰 not the other way around..lol
    Keep up the good work homie.

  3. IMO, everything hinges on the virus/vaccine and massive testing. An unplanned, hurried start, will be a disaster, and it seems that’s the way it’s going. A lot of people are not focussed on the main thing to come out of the pandemic sooner. We can still see a huge market crash, and I wouldn’t be surprised. We’re in a time where leadership, science and cooperation is at maximum importance. Ya so I’m expecting a huge crash soon again.:(

  4. Sorry to hear about your microphone, you should have ran the video anyway and put in the title : Do Everything I Say In This Video And Be A Millionaire In Less Than 24 hrs.

  5. MJ companies need to drug test ALL employees including higher ups. Any street dealer knows you don’t get high on your own supply.

  6. Brah, Hexo has the right mind set in terms of strategy. Acknowledging that the thc oils are the way of the future and now got a thing going on with Molton Coors AND a 500 percent revenue gain from a year ago! I mean come on, extremely undervalued.


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