1. Paper traded GENE for a $975 profit. Loving the content you are putting out. Hope you had another successful day my man!

  2. Is it realistic to start day trading small caps stocks with just the Warrior Starter Program?
    Do you lose access to everything including the courses at the end of a membership?

    • Hey! You can maintain access to the starter for $197/mo. I would strongly encourage you to join the Pro because of the advanced strategy development classes!

  3. So on DNJR I put my order at 3$ and it went up to 3.22$ and I still wasn’t in so when the stock went straight down to 2.88$ then I was filled but it was a terrible spot cuz it continued dropping so I end up red still to this moment not sure what happened:(

  4. Ross, I paper traded today as you recommended, and wouldn’t you know it I made $70 on DNJR today !! Better than all the losses I’ve taken 🙂 still not much with $1000 trade, however I will keep going and learning just how to find the right set ups to trade !! Thank you for all your insights. When we can travel again, I’ll come out your way sometime and buy you lunch at your favorite spot 🙂 !! Stay safe and healthy.

  5. Pretty slow day today. Missed the move on LOVE, one trade on AMC and GENE. Threw in the towel at around 10:15am. Small green day. Hoping for some fire on Monday. Hope today was a big winner for you (knock on wood).

  6. I have been paper trading using the thinkorswim platform, but having trouble with my buy orders not filling or they fill right away, but then my sell orders won’t execute. Any advice for this? would have had a green day but turned red because of this.

    • Reid Nicholson It’s a problem with the TOS paper trading. The orders will only fill if they align with the live market prices for some reason. It doesn’t react to the delayed prices. Buy orders will only execute if the live price is below your order price and sell orders only go through if the live price is above the order. It’s the same reason the execution prices in the monitor tab are out of whack.

    • Reid Nicholson yeah I use it too. The only way to track your trades is to write them down assuming you fill when price hits the limit. It isn’t a comparable system to real money but I find it still helps for practicing pattern recognition.

    • Hey! TD is kinda glitchy there. You might want to use a sim like what we have for our students, if you’re thinking about going live!

  7. Hey Ross, can I get a shout out on the recap for the CODX call out during the watchlists video this morning? Would make my day bro 😀

  8. Quick Question; hoping you can answer. On the TOS platform, real market data is delayed by 15-20 min. When you try using the active trader feature. Is that moving with the live market data? Reason I ask, a lot of my entry and exit MKT prices are showing different prices and it’s really challenging from a practice standpoint. Any info would be greatly appreciated

  9. Hi Ross, when you enter a stock on a limit order, then you get out 3 seconds later on a hot key, if the price is moving wildly say up/down 0.15 cents, how do you secure the profit? I am using the SIM and tried that but got a loss. if anyone else also knows, please reply 🙂

    • Hey! I’m using a stock scanner I customized to search the market, the software is trade ideas but i changed the settings myself.

  10. Hello, I love watching you trade in the morning and you have helped me a lot, but I do have a question if you have the answer. On think or swim, would you happen to know why my limit order get filled at the lower price versus the actual price or better? Which is my understanding on how its supposed to work, I’ve been struggling with this and its be driving me crazy.

  11. Hi Ross, I go back to your earlier watchlist a lot. But if you go back to earlier one such as 200 days back, it won’t work well. I reported this to you and to your team but the problem is still there. The videos page simply won’t load fully. Please see to it that it works. Otherwise it’s no point having this watchlist since people can only watch the most recent one smoothly.


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