1. Do you see the vision or is this all a pipe dream? ***EDIT: YES, I MISSED Elon’s response about vehicle to grid at the end of the Q&A. My bad!*** Doesn’t change the other 99% of the video

    • @Dave Froman also the charging time will be much lower. The graph they showed seems to imply 5 mins compared to 30. The improvments in thermals suggest this too. There is a lot in the presentation to read between the lines

  2. The problem is VW can produce 100k EV’s in their first year and there is a chance that VW might even catch up to TESLA like software . Tesla stock also went down during ID4 reveal in the USA.

  3. Ok. Let’s think bout this a little bit, unbiasedly please. Do you know where the stock is going ?
    You will, once you find out what trick Elon has up his sleeves. You didn’t think that he had any doubt, with the way he presented the battery day, the stock will not drop, did you ? Elon musk is the only executive that can manipulate his own stock up or down based on what his plan is. He knew the stock will drop after nothing amazing battery day. So try to find out knowing that, why does he want to stock to drop.
    He did the same thing when he wanted to bring Larry Ellison on board. He did all sorts of shows to make the stock to drop to 250$ , playing depressed , smoking pot on podcasts etc.
    so you want to know where the stock is going, then try to find out about what kind of a strategy Elon musk is planning as we speak, and I am not talking a strategy about car production.

  4. I think x40 PE multiple in 2030 is too high as their growth prospects will be slowing (as you point out going to 10% growth). Historical market average is 15, lets say its 20 or 25 then price would be more like $2500. Currently $380 so 650% growth in 10 years. However, driver automation etc may be other revenue sources that increase that towards your calculation of $4500. Will be interested to see what the ARK analysis update comes to. Their current target is $1400 in 2025.

  5. 80% growth for Tesla which costs 50 K for a single car…. you are crazy stating that …. How many ppl drive a car which is 50 K…. how many tesla cars you see on road… Tesla is like a 17 year OLD COMPANY……Unless cost of car comes down to 30 K it can never grow beyond.


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