1. I just wish they pay hazardous pay to all health care workers. I feel that there is to much money going to big companies. The people that are in the middle of everything deserves it and earned it.

  2. Are they continuing to get a pay check? Maybe they should take vacation on their pay check until they make a deal on a stimulus check!!!!

  3. Why can’t Republican Senators get it through their thick skull that a huge stimulus package is more for them than for Democrats? That’s right, they need it more. And they’ll need it more tomorrow than they need it today. They should just ask their business friends. Or they can ask Dick Cheney who can tell them to get ready for “Herbert Hoover” time.

  4. Forget PPP funding for get unemployment the main thing everyone needs to be fair with this is just send out another round of $1,200 checks to everyone

  5. Senate Republicans shrug off Trump’s call for larger Covid-19 relief measure
    By Marianne LeVine and John Bresnahan, POLITICO

    Senate Republicans on Wednesday brushed off calls from President Donald Trump for a bigger coronavirus relief package, casting doubt on whether there is enough GOP support to move forward with additional economic stimulus …

    … 52 of the 53 Senate Republicans voted in favor of a more narrow coronavirus relief package that Senate leadership spent weeks convincing senators to support.

    MAGA, drain the swamp!!


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