1. If anyone isn’t a paid member and has used all of your free reports, I built an excel document with a lot of the same calculations. Although it doesn’t include some of the fancy charts, it does include new once like an NPV analysis. It’s a test document now, but I’m really happy with how much I’ve done with it. Email me at [email protected] for a copy. You can download it at a library computer when the shut downs are done or make a fake email if you’re worried about viruses.

  2. I am hearing chatter that the housing market is going to crash big time and that investors will be able to buy properties a dime on a dollar. What are your thoughts?

  3. We do foreclose property management on our channel and seeing a big increase in foreclosed homes. Thinking it might be time to pick one up for cheap as an investment.

  4. hello greetings, I started 18 month’s ago on multifamily properties, everything was good til my last buy, on December, bad tenants, no experience, result? $11k + losings, and still working on it. very bad experience but I’m learning a lot. thank you for your videos. I will keep up and never give up, I apply for a line of credit, waiting on the answer, looking for more multifamily properties.

    • A R we poison the land due to our own actions, he will send pestilence we have a choice to do right. It’s a consequence of our “ free will” don’t want pestilence we need to heal the land by doing right otherwise we can suffer in our own mess.

  5. Ok my credit is clear of negative items only thing I’m lacking is history to make my credit profile stronger , if I was to buy/ piggyback off someone do u think I’ll be good to go to apply for a personal line of credit ? Or do I need to have my own credit accounts sitting at 6 months history

  6. Uhh… this a global pandemic, and Americans refuse to comply with stay at home orders. There’s no way we are bouncing back quickly. Folks, we could have bounced back if we took it seriously, got testing right, complied with public health recommendations, and had a shot at dramatically reducing the impact of this disease. This will be a slow and drawn out economic impact until we get a vaccine that will be waves. Listen to the experts and scientists.

  7. If I want to practice analyzing numbers where can I do that? It’s hard for me to imagine “real scenarios” when I never invested before.
    Any ideas?

  8. Great advice Brandon! Don’t let fear paralyze you, and stay on track. I am a realtor in Chicago suburbs, and houses are in multiple offers. Anyone brace enough to list is selling quickly. No bust here!

  9. Sound advice Brandon! I think we could have a ways to go on the way down, but dollar cost averaging with rentals makes just as much sense as it does with mutual funds! Keep up the great work!

  10. Love it, Brandon! We’ve doubled down on our marketing right now and are sending out mailers to all of the commercial property owners in our area. After all, everyone’s sitting at home.

  11. 3:24 housing market crash in 2008 and 2012 created me millions of wealth
    7:24 housing market crash in 2008 and 2012 didn’t make ton of money in long term.

    Did I hear that right?

  12. when do think the market is going to drop like when you started in 2008 , i have some money saved up but everybody around me invested and making money this really make me angry how long should i wait and should i buy a 4 unit, i live in Montclair California and it is really expensive out here should i move to buy a 4 unit ? , thanks

  13. I do listen to you often but WE have never faced a situation like this. We do not know what the market will be like

  14. Do you have any suggestions on how to find properties in switzerland? Because i donr know where to get all the data for your calculator about a property in switzerlamd i havent found anything.


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