1. Ontario, Canada, 6:30 am, clearly not sleeping these days.
    We are thinking of buying one of our parent’s properties. They’re in cottage country and the house was built with my husbands bare hands, at age 15 yrs old…so, the house needs a bit of work to get insured, but, has potential of being a rental again. It’s a side split (apt building), and once was a 4-plex. Renters are in 1/2 the house currently.
    Our home is still being paid off, but we don’t want to miss the “deal”. We’re going to have to mortgage it from a bank. First time being landlords and it’s 2.5 hr drive from home, but Nextdoor to our parents current home.

  2. If owners who sell on lease option basis can’t afford to pay mortgage, how can they afford to pay rent on another house to which they move to?


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