1. Thank you for the information but the graphic and visual part of this presentation is poor. In all three markets you have graphs with with poor labeling for the first 3 clusters of bars. After looking at them and replaying your comments, I guess I can assume that the first cluster is for March (NOT labeled as such)? The second is for April? And the third is for May? Not sure since all three are labeled just as “2020 Occupancy as a Percentage of 2019 Occupancy”. Also, you quoted just the overall scores but presented the individual markets in the bars. That too is disconcerting. Sorry for the (hopefully constructive) criticism as I do appreciate the information… it was just a little awkward to digest, without having to replay it.

  2. Great comparisons year on year. Will be interesting to see how the longer lock downs affect these markets.

  3. I’d expect April to drop dramatically as the shelter in place was fully in effect for that month. Also, I’ve read hotels in downtown austin dropped as low as 3%

  4. Agreed. This seemed like a “forced” update and considering she’s the short term rental expert I’d assume she has A LOT of short term rentals and is genuinely worried. Just me picking that up in the presentation?


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