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    • So let me ask you a question… The stock market is not the economy it is like an indicator of the economy. So here’s what I have realized.. recessions or crashes in stock market never end on good news they always end on bad news.. think about it you said it your self worst unemployment worst gdp no business etc.. so in my opinion the stock has already accounted for the worst possible secernio if this wasn’t the case than the market would not have gone up correct.. so with the worst news expectations in the history of the stock market the market has to already imply that move which has already happened so in the sceme of things how much further can the market drop?

    • I agree with your take on the economic situation👍…I watch most of your videos and I believe it would be great if you could do a video on any bank stock valuation…if possible Citigroup or JPM..

    • I have a question. If investors know that ex divident day of a comapny is in 3 4 weeks would it make sense that investors will get in and the price will go up. For example Foot Locker has a divident on the 17th and people get it to get quarter divident and then sell it. Do you reckon there is relation?

  2. 1- there are MANY crazy people that’ll do the opposite of what you think 2- you’ll always make money on uncertainty time 3- risk and reward 4- the whole stock and fed is a big mess

  3. Warren Buffett’s advice that anyone who gets in now will be better off for it next year, is true too. Whether you buy at 10%, or 50% and then watch it sink, as long as it eventually goes to 100%, you win and made a 100-1,000% return. (If the company is solid.)

    I also like the advice to put a little money in now, then a little later, slowly entering. However, true point in the video and comments, that if you really need your money then maybe wait. But don’t wait for a bottom unnecessarily. So far it looks like that was weeks ago, anyway. Historically it’ll pan out.

    Also swing / day traders can actually use the current volatility better than they can use a stable market. So there’s that.

    But growth and dividend investing you have to be very careful to check earnings and debt and other statistics, and then watch it closely after.

    Bulls and bears are naturally going to disagree. But usually bulls win in a crash, and bears win in a high market. Lol.

    Most our shutdown is artificial, paranoid and fabricated. It’s not essential to kill our economy like we are. So that may help soon. Then again the market is self-fulfilling. It is what we make it.

  4. Well, it looks like you are not aware of the situation in India. India has total lockdown from March 25th till May 03rd (as of now) across the nation. Which the USA hasn’t done it. (try to avoid using words like crazy at least for those countries which are really doing a good job w.r.t Lockdown & also having a good political relations with the USA)

  5. Hi Double 07 !!! Could you explain, to French guy like me, what is “Rona” ! I can’t find a translation for this work on the net ! Thank you !!

  6. I really like your work dude, nonsense, straight up data, smart comments. I really enjoy listening to what smart ppl like you have to say. Keep up the good work.

  7. Robinhood has thousands more people investing in the market that wouldn’t have in the past. They then forced other platforms to compete and added even more new users. All these new users don’t care or know anything historical indicators. Plus YouTube keeps saying buy buy buy.

  8. Traders can try all the strategies they see on YouTube. But I can tell for a fact most will still lose money due to improper knowledge on how the liquidity providers manipulate the stock charts.

    *PLEASE REITERATE IT. OVER & OVER!* IT’S PURE GOLD WISDOM! Our gov isn’t getting the message out So, *utube platforms GOTTA’ step in & educate the public EVERY fn’ day. Seriously.* Jeremy, please keep usin’ ur platform 4 good!
    *THANK U 4 UR psa’s!💪*


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